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"My fingers are built for pleasure not for speed" Steve Hunter


Sep 6th 2015
A fly on the wall look at what has been going on in Steve Hunter's studio. Recording a solo for Tommy Henriksen's new album 'Tommy Tommy Tommy'   'Mr Finn' 

Aug 28th 2015
Steve is inducted into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall Of Fame

This new article about Steve will be one of the most comprehensive and insightful you will find online. It was put together after a lengthy phone discussion with Gary Johnson of The Michigan Rock And Roll Legends Hall Of Fame.      Read it     HERE

Aug 13th 2015
You can now read Steve's first Guitar Player Magazine column on the GP website


July 20th 2015
Steve's first Guitar Player Magazine column is in the September issue of Guitar Player and going out to subscribers now! It will be on the shelves very soon!! It has Satriani on the front cover.. This first column covers Steve's session on 'Sick Things' from 'Billion Dollar Babies'. Jason Becker's column is the page before it so check them both out when you get the chance!

July 4th 2015
Steve is thrilled to have been asked to write a monthly column for Guitar Player Magazine!
He will talk about what gear he used on 
sessions of the past with Alice Cooper, Lou Reed and many more. There will be some personal memories and a few stories of the road. 
The first article will be in the SEPTEMBER ISSUE (with Satriani on the front cover).

June 25th 2015
Thanks to Jason Becker and Guitar Player Magazine! The second part of Jason's article on Steve is on it's way to the shelves. In Part 2 Jason talks about what he learned from Steve and gives 'The Manhattan Blues Project' a huge thumbs up

June 14th 2015

Steve received a Gold surprise for his 67th Birthday. (Telling Stories-Tracy Chapman)
He spent the day in San Francisco with his wife Karen, his good friend Jason Becker and Jason's  family.

June 8th 2015
New Interview With Seymour Duncan Blog Spot:

June 2nd 2015
Steve is inducted into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame 2015:
Read about it HERE

May 26th 2015

There is an excellent two part article on Steve written by Jason Becker, coming up in Guitar Player Magazine. Part 1 is in the July edition so look out for it on the shelves soon. 

May 15th 2015
Steve remembers BB King:     Guitar Player Magazine

April 17th 2015
Steve puts his new customized Gretsch Guitar to work on a session. 

March 16th 2015

Steve visits Jason Becker and tries out the Jason Becker Signature Carvin Guitar

March 3rd 2015

Review for 'Tone Poems Live' coming up in Vintage Guitar Magazine:
Hear the album on iTunes 

March 1st 2015
Guitar Player Magazine publish article on 'Train Kept A Rollin'
Read Article Here

February 9th 2015
Aerosmith 'Train Kept A Rollin' - Steve Hunter gives clarification on who did those solos.
Read the story here:   DETROIT ROCK AND ROLL

December 2014

Peter Gabriel gives Steve credit for coming up with the guitar parts for 'Solsbury Hill' .

October 17th 2014

Audio interview with Mitch Lafon. Steve talks about David Lee Roth, Jason Becker, Dick Wagner, 'Train Kept A Rolling' and his new DVD 'Tone Poems Live'. 
 Listen HERE

September 19th 2014

Steve's DVD/CD is out NOW!!! Here is the trailer....



September 2nd 2014
Steve  joined Michael Lee Firkins and his band at the Not Dead Yet 3 festival for Jason Becker on Aug 30th in San Francisco
. Below is a video of 'Voodoo Child' one of the two tunes they performed together. Plus a photo of Steve with Jason. 



August 16th 2014

Released September 23rd 2014

You can buy a signed DVD, CD or DVD/CD Bundle here!
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JULY 30th 2014
Steve was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of his longtime friend and fellow guitarist Dick Wagner. Steve and Dick worked together from 1973 to 1978 on both Alice Cooper and Lou Reed classic albums and tours.

July 10th 2014
The 'One on One' interactive clinics are now up and running, 
Click on the 'One on One' tab in the main menu on the left of this page.  
July 10th 2014 mention Steve regarding Johnny Depp as a guitar player. 
Read the piece here.... GIBSON.COM
June 10th 2014
Steve Hunter's Oscar Teller Acoustic guitar is now going be auctioned by Julien’s in their Icons & Idols Rock n Roll sale later this year.
Julien's are one of the worlds largest celebrity auctioneers and you can find out more about them here…. 

Read more here:   DetroitRocknrollmagazine

 MAY 28th 2014
Steve's first ever DVD 'Tone Poems Live' 
with Tony Levin (bass) Phil Aaberg (keyboards) and Alvino Bennett (drums) 
MAY 20th 2014


Steve Hunter will launch his ‘One on One’ remote consultations.

An informal discussion service that enables people to benefit from his 40 + years experience as a Session Musician, Player and Producer. More info on the 'One on One' tab. 

May 11th 2014

Steve's first solo DVD production will be called 'Tone Poems Live'. 
With Tony Levin on bass, Phil Aaberg on Keyboards and Alvino Bennett on drums. 
Due for release in June 2014. With material from four of Steve's solo albums plus a few covers, all re arranged for a four piece line-up. Recorded live in a studio in one day, with no overdubs. 
MAY 1st 2014
Steve and Karen's invention, the 'String Change Buddy' gets a great review in June 2014 issue of Guitar Player Magazine

APRIL 1st 2014
Steve plays on the new Tommy Henriksen solo albumto be released in June 2014

MAR 17th 2014
Steve does a whole bunch of soundbites for the new Pigtronix pedal 'Echolution 2'. 
Hear them on Soundcloud  HERE 

FEB 20th 2014
Steve's interview with Guitar Player Magazine is now online!

Feb 10th 2014

Steve talks about what he learned from his greatly missed guitar teacher Ted Greene, on a visit to Jason Becker and his family on November 18th 2013. We would like to thank Ehren and Amy Becker for making this video. 

Feb 3rd 2014
Audio tracks are now mixed for Steve's new DVD/CD, next is the video editing process. 
With Steve on the session recorded live with no overdubs were Tony Levin, Phil Aaberg and Alvino Bennett.  

December 10th 2013

Steve launches his String Change Buddy. A little foam gizmo to help with changing strings on a Bigsby fitted guitar.    WEBSITE   (String Change Buddy is not affiliated with Fred Gretsch Enterprises Ltd)

December 10th 2013

Watch out for the January issue of Guitar Player Magazine, there is an interview with Steve about Lou Reed as a guitar player.

December 10th 2013

Interview with Morley Seaver for 

December 4th 2013

This photograph was so popular we made it available as a 11" X 17" premium high gloss card poster. Every one sold will be signed by Steve and for the month of December it will cost $16.50 which includes postage in the USA. Posters sold outside the USA will cost $20.50.

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November 12th 2013
Steve is filmed talking about Lou Reed for a BBC Documentary. Directed by award winning film maker Chris Rodley, to be aired in the UK before Christmas. 

Steve Hunter with Chris Rodley

November 11th 2013
Steve has a five page feature in GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE! 

November 9th 2013
Steve visits Jason Becker

October 27th 2013

Steve is extremely saddened at the passing of Lou Reed, below is a statement from his Facebook pages:

"Today the world lost a true American genius. And I lost a dear beloved brother...Lou Reed. Some of the highest points in my career and life have been spent either in the studio or on stage with Lou. Thank God he wrote so many brilliant songs that we can continue to enjoy. It is a beautiful legacy. I love you my dear old friend and God bless your sweet soul. I will surely miss you always"   steve

October 14th 2013

All relevant tracks can be heard from the 'HOME' page. 

Below is a Short Video From The ASU Seminar.

 October 10th 2013:

Steve did a seminar at the Arizona State University in Phoenix. The students are participating in a 'rock guitar' course and he talked to them about the emotional connection he has with creating music, some insights into how he gets his vibrato and bends plus a few road stories, which they loved. 
Any enquiries or questions regarding seminars by Steve can be made HERE 

September 2013: 

Steve recently reunited with old friends Phil Aaberg and Tony Levin for a project to be released in 2014. (project also included drummer Alvino Bennett) 

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August 31st 2013
In Depth Conversation with Ross Muir: 
Click here for full interview: FabricationsHQ

August 19th 2013
The Gibson Interview (Part Two)
Click here for full interview: Gibson Guitars (Russell Hall) 

August 15th 2013
The Gibson Interview (Part One) 

"The Manhattan Blues Project, pays homage to New York with a collection of beautiful guitar-based compositions inspired by the great city"
Click here for full interview:  Gibson Guitars (Russell Hall)  

Steve is working on new projects, watch this page for updates!

More great reviews coming in.......

August 12th
"For Me this is definitely one of the guitar albums of this year" 
Click here for full review: Rootstime - Belgium 

July 30th 2013

 "The Manhattan Blues Project’ is an evocative musical portrait of the city that never sleeps, with 12 tracks that drip with rare emotion and feel, as the guitarist pours all of his 42 year playing experience into a heartfelt album" 
Click here for full review:   Get Ready To Rock

July 24th 2013

"Hinting at the great jazz released themed-albums from John Coltrane, Charles Mingus and Miles Davis, Steve Hunter creates moods and feelings with the sound of his guitar".
Click here for full review The Alternate Root 

July 24th 2013

"If you have listened to music within the last forty years, it is almost a guarantee that you have heard the work of Steve Hunter." 
Click here to read full interview: Fourculture Magazine

July 15th 2013
"Steve Hunter is undoubtedly one of the music world’s unsung heroes, overshadowed by the people he has played with. But it’s time to discover him"
Click here for full interview:  Glidemagazine 

July 13th 2013
"This dreamscape journey that heralds an album which references age-old Delta cadences without settling into shotgun-shack cliché".
Click link to read full review

July 10th 2013

"Steve Hunter gives Satriani some serious competition for instrumental guitar album of the year for 2013 with his latest, The Manhattan Blues Project. This one is fantastic from beginning to end. Bring a bottle of wine"
Click link to read full review  Rock Guitar Daily With Tony Conley

JULY 2013
Transcribed Interview with Jeb Wright (Classic Rock Revisited) 

Subjects cover the writing of the new album, Joe Perry and Jason Becker.
Click here:  Classic Rock Revisited 

Hear Alice Cooper and Steve chat about Steve's new album and Billion Dollar Babies! Nights With Alice Cooper

The CD release party was a blast! Here is a bit of video from the night.
Thanks to all the people who helped make it happen. 

The NEW ALBUM  is now available in Europe

INTERVIEW WITH ALICE COOPER airs Thursday June 20th on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' Follow this link:   Nights With Alice Cooper

STEVE IS HAVING AN INFORMAL RELEASE PARTY at The Rhythm Room in Phoenix , 7pm on Tuesday June 25th! You will hear the entire album, Steve will sign CD's and there will be a set from The Chuck Hall Band. 


JEB WRIGHT - Classic Rock Revisited

Rating: A 

Steve Hunter hit the rock scene in a big way, first with Lou Reed and later on with Alice Cooper circa Welcome to My Nightmare and Peter Gabriel.  Now, Hunter has released a guitar oriented album titled The Manhattan Blues Project that can only be described to six-string aficionados as pure ear candy. 
Hunter, who until recently had teamed up with Cooper again, both in the studio and on stage, has some physical limitations with his eyesight that are slowing him down a tad these days.  However, if giving the musician some time off led to his picking up, plugging in and blasting out
these bluesy rocking tunes then, by all means, give the man some more time off! Hunter may have a reputation as a hard rocking, distortion loving rock and roll maniac, but with The Manhattan Blues Project, he has revealed what a true, honest and talented muse he really is. 

A man of many emotions and creative inspirations, Hunter took what he learned throughout his years with guys like Peter Gabriel, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed and mixed it with his passionate guitar playing, creating one hell of a solid musical experience. And, for good measure he invited some of his favorite rock and roll, and even wanna-be rock and roll, peeps along for the ride. 
For starters, he brought along Tony Levin from their time with Peter G in for an emotional instrumental take on the classic “Solsbury Hill.”  On “The Brooklyn Shuffle” he trades solos with none other than Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and actor Johnny Depp.  “Twilight in Harlem” shows Hunter has no problem mixing it up with one of the best axe-slingers in the world, Joe Satriani.  

One of the most poignant moments on the album is the tune “Daydream by the Hudson” written and programmed by guitar virtuoso and Lou Gehrig disease victim Jason Becker.  
This collaboration brings the album to a new level of virtuosity. 
The music does a fine job at reflecting the different personalities of Manhattan.  Hunter gave these songs a lot attention to detail comes, which across in the mood and vibe the music is meant to convey.  And, his guitar tone…this guy’s tone has tone.  Part guitar, part amp and part his own fingers, Hunter’s guitar tone is as smooth and fresh as vanilla crème—yep, that’s crème with an ‘e’ baby!

This album is Steve Hunter’s masterpiece and if one is not careful, one will find this album quietly creeping its way back onto your playlist, time and time again. In fact, this writer predicts The Manhattan Blues Project will also sneak its way onto many Best of 2013 lists by years end! 

Don’t delay, go to and pick this one up.  For only a few more bucks, Hunter will even send you an autographed copy!

May 18th 2013

Steve has had some health issues leading up to and during the release of the new album. He has been troubled by Atrial Fibrilation episodes for about three years but after two recent heart Ablations we think it has been stopped and we thank Dr Vjay Swarup in Phoenix for doing such a great job!

        You can order the CD here       

Click here for a SIGNED CD: $25.00 + $5 P&P:  


Old news entries from Steve:

July 10, 2012

First of all let me apologize for being so long between blog entries. Karen and I have been in turmoil the last few weeks after having decided, after the Alice tour was finished, to move back to Phoenix. But I do hope to be a bit more consistent now that we have more or less settled into our new home.

Nashville was ok but I did feel a little out of place there on a few levels. For one thing, the kind of country music I really like is pretty old school and isn’t done any more as you probably know. Ernest Tubb, Hank Snow, Hank Williams etc is more my speed. Plus Nashville is similar to LA in that it is a tight-knit group of players that get a lot of the work. I just didn’t feel like I would ever really fit, and I wasn’t sure how long it would take for me to be accepted. So Karen and I decided to move back to Phoenix. For one thing, we both prefer being warm! And the desert can certainly provide that! And like they say, it is a dry heat...not a humid one. We are quite happy here. And Sedona, one of our most favorite places on Earth, is now only an hour away.

I jumped right back into my solo project as soon as the studio was set up. It’s been really wonderful. I want to do an especially good job on this record so I’m hoping I can persuade some of my friends and old “bosses” to become a part of it too. More on that later.

Playing onstage was becoming a little more difficult for me on the Cooper tour. But thanks to my good friend Dr. Randy McLaughlin, who prescribed some contact lenses for me, at least I was able to see the fingerboard much better. So, I’m hoping my touring and/or live playing days aren’t completely over. If they are...well....I do have a real blast recording so as long as I can make music I will be happy.

Thank you all for your patience and I hope to be here more often in the future.

Peace  Steve

Wednesday 28th March 2012

I’ve been very busy the last few weeks working on favorite thing to do. So I’ve gotten a little behind in doing my blog here, which is likely to happen. When you get a song in your head/heart that needs doing other things get gently pushed aside. But I thought I would at least give you an idea of what to expect on the new CD.

In a round about way I suppose I am returning to my roots on this album. I am first and foremost a Blues man for many reasons...which will be explored later in a future blog. And from Blues comes main love. Melody is really everything. And most great Blues matter what the instrument...are excellent at improvising melodies, something I’ve been working on my entire career. That also translates into jazz, which for me, is very closely akin to Blues. I’ve heard it said that jazz is Blues in a tux. I can see that. So this album will be full of Blues and melody. I think the Blues will be a little more sophisticated than traditional Blues, but only a little. All I know is I must be on the right track because it is filling me with joy, which is what Blues has done for me my whole life whether listening to it or playing it.

I’ve always been fascinated by Claude Debussy’s concept of “tone poems”...musical poetry without words. And, since I also have a great love for Manhattan (even though I can’t seem to get it together to live there), this album will be my “tone poems” of and about Manhattan from my perspective. Some of you my have heard my version of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”, which will be on the album. That song has always reminded me of NYC for some reason, even though the song is really about the war in Viet Nam which, by the way, I m a Veteran of that war. (Never saw combat. I worked in an air vac hospital on Okinawa as an x-ray tech so I saw enough results of war to last a lifetime.). Again though, it’s the melody of that song that I love. And it translates nicely to guitar I think.

I can’t say exactly when the album will be finished...I’m hoping sometime in late summer. But it’s important that I take the time necessary to do the best job possible. The song I’m working on now is really the second version of it since I wasn’t happy with the first version. And that can be how it goes. But I am very happy with the second’s a joy to work on. And I hope you all will like it.

Anyway, that’s the concept of the forthcoming album. I’ll do my best to keep you informed on the progress...and best as I can.

Thank you all for checking out the blog and I hope to speak to you all again soon.

God Bless!  Steve

First I would like to apologize...this is a new site so there might be a little bug or two for the first few weeks. For anyone who might have sent an email to the email addresses provided, I did not get them. We found out that the addresses had not been activated and therefore were not working. They are now, so please re-send anything you might have sent earlier. Thanks and sorry for the problem.

I thought it might be good, for those of you who do not know, for me to explain why this is called “My Blind Blog”. I have several eyesight problems but the one causing the most trouble is what is called pigmentary glaucoma ( a Google search will give you all the proper info ). I’ve had it for several years. Although it’s under control pretty much with a variety of eye drops, it has caused significant optic nerve damage which, for the moment anyway, cannot be reversed. My eyesight is damaged enough so that I am considered legally blind. Obviously, I can’t drive a car and I am impaired enough to cause me some problems even in just everyday life. But like anyone with a disability, you find ways around it and get on with things, which is what I’m doing. My wife Karen is an enormous help to me of course. But she also understands that people with any kind of disability really crave independence and that helps me a great deal. It’s sort of like you know you have a problem but you want its effect to be as small as possible on your life. Anyway, that’s why it’s called “My Blind Blog”. I will keep the fonts a little larger for any of my friends out there who also have a sight problem.

I also have a feature I hope to launch here soon that I think my other sight impaired friends might enjoy. Because of sight loss you do seem to become more aware of your other senses. And for me it’s hearing even though I have had some hearing loss as well from many years of playing pretty loud guitars, even while wearing ear plugs. Sound is still a joy for me. So what I thought might be fun is to post sound bytes I find interesting ( as well as videos for my sighted friends ). I have a small hand held stereo digital recorder that I try to take with me everywhere. And I record sounds and environments I find interesting and fun to listen to. Karen and I were able to do a little exploring periodically while we were on tour last year with Alice Cooper. So, I would like to post some of those sound bytes for you to enjoy, sighted or otherwise. We are working on setting up a player now and I’ll let you know when that becomes available. I think I’ve got some pretty cool things from the road.

That’s it for now my peeps. I will be posting soon some news about a song Karen and I have been working on. We will post it of course and welcome your opinions and comments.

We survived the storms here in Nashville. It was pretty intense although, thankfully it did not last long. A lot of heavy rain and some nasty hail but it really only lasted a couple of minutes. Other folks in other states all around us didn’t fair so well and we pray for their families. I think we all know by now, Mother Nature is still the boss.

God bless you all and I’ll be speaking  you again soon!



Saturday, 03 March 2012 00:00

Welcome to

I wanted to let you all know what to expect from this page. I have hesitated doing one for a time but then I thought it would be a good place for me to simply say whatever is on my mind at times, as well as to let everyone know what I am up to. I will do my best to keep up with it provided I don’t get too busy. I will welcome your comments either on facebook or through the contact info provided here.

Sometimes what I will have to say will be almost in the form of an opinions and feelings about all sorts of things. That’s what excites me about having a blog. I think I’ve always wanted to do something like that and now, with this new site, I have my chance. I’m sure there will be times when you will disagree with me and that’s ok. That’s what discussion is all about.

But there will also be stories and all sorts of other things...whatever might come up that might be interesting or fun to talk about. I hope you find it something interesting to read and hopefully not too terribly boring!

I will talk about why this is called “My Blind Blog” next time although I think most of you already know about my sight impairment. I’ll talk about that more in depth next time.

Until then, I hope you enjoy the site. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We opted for not doing threads here for a number of reasons but we can certainly get some going on facebook.

Have fun! Speak to you again soon.


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