What is electronic music?

The electronic music sector has taken huge proportions on the world music scene. Especially when we talk about the famous Dj's, who have become more and more widespread everywhere, because of their music and compositions that bring millions of views. Let's learn more about this musical phenomenon now!


Electronic music is all music created, modified and recreated with the help of electronic equipment and instruments, such as: computers, composition software, synthesizers, digital recorders... The software is developed each time easier to learn and use to create new music. The style started first related to rock and after that it was broken until it had its own characteristics and became a new musical style. The taste of the style has grown so much that electronic music has become popular music and is no longer considered classical music.

Electronic music: structure

Electronic music has a definite structure, but it can vary with each producer and composer. This "structure" functions as a sort of (standard) layout to follow, upon which most songs are built. Electronic music is divided into a few strategic points, on which the whole structure is based:
- Introduction: the introduction is the beginning of the song. As the music is played, the elements integrate more and more. Its duration varies a lot for each composer, but it is generally between 15 seconds and 1 minute.
- Pause: the point in the music where the track develops and gives coherence to the music.
- Accumulation: the point of tension (climax)
- Drop: the most explosive and aggressive point of the music, where the elements are concentrated to fill the drop.
- Finishing: the part of the song where it loses elements and heads toward the end

Famous artists

Like all types of music, we have the most famous artists, who write and produce the most famous songs of the style. With electronic music, it happens the same way. We have the most famous musicians and DJs in the world, with electronic music, which has become a global fever today. Discover some of the most famous names of the style: Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas and like Mike, Hardwell, Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta etc.

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