Why practice music?

Music brings us a lot of good on the body and mind. When you are depressed, you just have to take for example your guitar and produce a few notes of joyful sound and the morale is back. And that's not all! In this article, you will see why you should practice music.

Making music brings balance and calmness

Singing or playing a musical instrument helps you develop your personality by balancing your intellect and affect. For children, singing or playing an instrument stimulates their sense of effort. They are more invested and persevering.

The practice of music helps you to control your emotions through public performances, brings you self-control and increases your confidence.

Cognitive and cerebral virtues

Playing music contributes to brain development. When a child learns to play a musical instrument, he/she acquires a certain self-discipline that affects his/her success rate. Regardless of age, music practice acts on memory and concentration. It also acts on the development of the ear. Thus, it can allow you to learn foreign languages more easily.

Helps to release your emotions

Music also allows you to free yourself, to release your emotions. Some shy people who can't express their feelings directly can do so through song or musical instruments. You can express everything through music.

In addition, it releases dopamine in the brain, which is a pleasure hormone. You feel pleasure when you practice music.

Musical encounters and discoveries without borders

Music has no borders as we often say. Music helps you discover other cultures. Music is the art that crosses borders most easily. You will see for example a Chinese person interpreting a French song with a particular ease.

The practice of music or a musical instrument is really very useful to man. Do you know now why? So what are you waiting for.